Valuations & Advisory

All of Cypress’ professionals have substantial experience in performing valuation analyses. The firm has provided valuation reports to its clients and used the conclusions from the valuations in numerous contexts, including negotiations, presentations to Boards of Directors, fairness opinions, court testimony, solvency analyses and for tax and estate purposes.


Cypress provides companies and their owners with valuation analyses for a wide range of purposes including decisions to sell, buy or take public a business, evaluating strategic alternatives, sale or transfer of non-public securities, ESOP valuations, repurchases of equity or debt securities and affiliated transactions having potential conflicts of interest. The firm will assist company decision-makers in using the data contained in the valuations to review possible conclusions and courses of action.

Cypress will render fair value opinions with respect to specific assets, businesses or companies on behalf of financial sponsors, companies and their boards of directors.

On behalf of Boards of Directors and lenders, Cypress will review projected cash flows and company balance sheets of a business undertaking a transaction involving leverage against the legal tests for solvency. Cypress will render an opinion with respect to solvency and create the appropriate documentation to prevent any subsequent assertions of fraudulent conveyance.

Tax and Estate Valuations

Cypress will perform valuation analysis for use in filings or disputes with Federal or state taxing authorities. The firm will apply valuation techniques specific to tax and estate analyses such as illiquidity discounts and asset and liability mark-to-market valuations. Cypress will assist in negotiations designed to resolve any issues between parties.