Capital Raising

Cypress assists clients raising private equity and debt from financial, strategic and institutional investors. The firm approaches capital raising assignments from an advisory perspective and views the transaction as one part of the client’s financing lifecycle. Cypress’ advice is always driven by what makes the most sense for the client balancing long-term business goals with liquidity needs.


Bank debt and credit facilities
Senior debt
Subordinated debt
Mezzanine financing
Common stock
Preferred stock

Cypress will assist companies with all aspects of capital raising, including:

Structuring the financing and its terms to meet the client’s capital requirements while minimizing financing costs and dilution.
Preparing the private placement memorandum and road show materials used to market the deal.
Accessing Cypress’ network of institutional and strategic investors, as well as private investors with a strategic interest in investing in this type of financing.
Negotiating the terms, documenting and closing the financing.