The Firm

Cypress Associates LLC is a nationally-recognized investment banking firm established in 2001. The firm provides companies and institutional investors with advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, fairness opinions and valuations, private placements of debt and equity, restructuring and reorganization and litigation consulting. Cypress operates internationally from its offices in New York, San Francisco, Austin & Washington D.C.

Our Business

Cypress Associates LLC provides a wide range of services to meet the changing needs of our clients. The firm’s primary areas of focus includes mergers & acquisitions, fairness opinions, valuations & advisory services, restructuring & bankruptcy advisory , financing advisory and litigation consulting and expert witness services.


Klausner Lumber

Value: $150,000,000

Klausner Lumber One (KL1), located in Florida, and Klausner Lumber Two (KL2), located in North Caroline,…..

Cedar Oaks Wellness Center

Value: Undisclosed

Cedar Oaks Wellness Center is a high – end provider of inpatient substance abuse, detox and wellness…..

Team TSI

Value: Undisclosed

Team TSI is a leading provider of data-driven intelligent software solutions that its skilled nursing facility customers…..